The Top Most Valuable Teams in the World

As sports fans, you are probably eager to know which the top 5 most valuable teams for 2019 are.  Annually, Forbes prepares a list of the winning franchises for each year based on published valuations made each month throughout 2019. We have selected 5 of them for your convenience. The highest-ranking sports are American football, baseball, European soccer, basketball, and hockey. Apart from European soccer for which the winner is not surprisingly Real Madrid, all the other 4 teams are American – New York Rangers, New York Knicks, New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. Enjoy reading some exciting facts about each of the mentioned franchises.

So Who Dominates Ice Hockey?

The hockey team, New York Rangers, was valued 1, 55 billion which ranked it 72 in the list. Although the team didn’t manage to get to the top 50 valued ones, it is worth mentioning as, since 2006, it has gradually grown its value. In 2006 it started with $ 306 million and had increased it each year until reaching the top of $ 1, 55 billion this year. There is no doubt that the New York Rangers owe part of their success for 2019 to their first-year coach David Quinn who has never before coached a professional hockey team.

Another New York Franchise but this time – Basketball

The next team on the list is the New York Knicks worth $ 4 billion and growing with 11 % from last year. This basketball team has been the NBA’s most valuable one for 4 consecutive years. It is hard to believe having in mind that the Knicks have had only two winning seasons for the recent 18 years. They have been performing that bad probably because they have changed around 12 coaches for the mentioned period. However, the owner of the New York Knicks managed to make them the most valuable basketball team for yet another year. This is possible thanks to the renovation of Madison Square Garden as now the Knicks have control of premium prices of tickets and sponsorships.

Here’s the Most Valuable Team in Soccer

We have come to the most valuable European soccer team. As we have already mentioned, it is Real Madrid whose value went up with 4 % since last year, and it’s now estimated at $ 4, 24 billion. After a two-year pause as a most valuable soccer team, Real Madrid is back on top. Having earned $100 million from winning the Champions League for 3 straight years from 2016-2018, they have deserved to reach this high ranking position. If they sign the deal with Adidas which is worth $1, 8 billion, their rival team Barcelona, which is now just behind them with a $4, 02 – billion value, will find it hard to catch up.

Here’s The Leader in Baseball

The baseball representative among the winning franchises is, of course, the New York Yankees. Their value has been estimated at $ 4, 6 billion which is 15% more than last year. With this result, the Yankees are moving three positions up since last year and are just behind the total winner the Dallas Cowboys. There are seven more representatives of MLB among the first 50, but the New York Yankees are ahead of them. Let’s applaud the Yankees for their best record in the American League this season – they posted 100 wins last year.

The Most Valuable Team is Left For Last

Last but not least is the American football team, the Dallas Cowboys, topping the list of the first 50 most valuable teams for 2019. They have been valued for $ 5 billion. Some may find this surprising as the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996. However, let’s not forget the fact that they have managed to participate in the Super Bowl 8 times which is worth congratulating. We all probably remember that it was the Dallas Cowboys who were the first team of all sports that was estimated at the value of $ 4 billion.